FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 7:30 pm


BERNSTEIN Symphonic Suite from On the Waterfront
COPLAND Lincoln Portrait (narrator TBA)
BRAHMS Symphony No. 1


Edinburgh serves as the Capital of Scotland, an old city where both a medieval and Gregorian town meet. Perhaps more well known for the castle that shares its name, the centuries-old building looms over the city from a hill in the center of the city and served as the venue for coronation of Scottish rulers many years ago.

Edinburgh is home to the Edinburgh International Festival, established in 1947, which brings world-class art institutions such as the CSO to the city for residents and tourists to experience alike.


Usher Hall is a five-start concert hall, the only one in Scotland, that plays host to concerts of wide range of genres; classical, to jazz, rock, pop and folk.  Enjoyed by performers and audiences for its acoustics, the Edwardian theatre opened in 1914 in order to attract classical musicians from all over the world.